Frequently Asked Questions On HonniHil®

If HonniHil® has been prescribed for you, you will find the following information very useful. Please do not forget to always ask your doctor or pharmacist for detailed information and guidance on the use of all prescribed medications, as well as HonniHil®

1. What advantage do I have with a drug that works for “almost two days”?

 Flexibility! Intimate moment should be a spontaneous activity and should not be planned as a military invasion with timing and precision. The long duration of action of HonniHil®  (almost 2 days) gives you the opportunity to relax until the moment falls into place.

2. Will I have erection for the entire duration of “almost two days”?

 No. HonniHil®  is not a sexual stimulant. HonniHil® helps the man to achieve and sustain erection sufficient for sexual activity. This can only happen when the man is sexually stimulated. After sexual activity the penis relaxes until the next stimulation.In other words, HonniHil helps to normalize sexual performance.

3. Can HonniHil® help a man to “GAIN RESPECT, AND BE THE MAN OF HIS DREAMS” with respect to sexual performance?

 Yes. HonniHil 20mg is effective in up to 84% of patients. Gaining respect (partner concerns) involves being available, ready and able when your partner needs you. Being the man of your dreams (personal concerns) involves meeting your own expectation of sexual satisfaction. Thus HonniHil helps many to have a healthy and fulfilled relationship.

4. Is HonniHil® used for the treatment of premature ejaculation?

 No. HonniHil is not indicated for the treatment of premature ejaculation. If you have ejaculation problems in addition to erection problems, please don’t shy away; speak to your doctor about it. He can offer you effective medication and treatment.

5. Can HonniHil® be used by women?

 No. HonniHil is not indicated for use by women. It is for MEN ONLY

6. How should I take HonniHil®  tablet?

 HonniHil®should always be taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor. The dosage information in the package insert of HonniHil® shows that only one 20mg tablet of HonniHil® can be taken a day. Do not exceed that dose. Also note that one tablet of HonniHil® can restore normal erectile function for up to two nights and a day, or two days and a night, depending on whether the medication was taken in the evening or in the morning.

7. Can I take HonniHil® tablet and still drink alcohol?

 Yes. It is often true that there is no merriment without dining and wining. Moderate use of alcohol is compatible with HonniHil® Like every other medication, please note that you should not swallow HonniHil®  with alcohol. Note also that drinking too much alcohol can reduce sexual function and cause erection problems.

8.  Are there some side effects of HonniHil® ?

 HonniHil® is usually well tolerated, However like all medications, there are some side effects which are mild to moderate and usually transient. The information on the side effects is available in the package insert. You should also speak to your doctor or pharmacist for further detail.

9. Are there   problems if  am taking other medications?

 HonniHil®  can safely be used with almost all other types of medications except:

i.    Nitrates (used to treat angina chest pain).   HonniHil® MUST NOT BE USED WITH NITRATES.

ii.    Other medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Speak to your doctor or pharmacist for further details.

10. Are there some health conditions that should make a man not to take HonniHil® ?”

 Yes. A man should not take HonniHil® if:

i.     He is receiving treatment with nitrates

ii.     He has severe liver; kidney or heart disease

iii.    He has had heart attack in the last 3 months

iv.     He has had stroke in the last 6 months

v.     He has low blood pressure

vi.    He has uncontrolled high blood pressure

vii.    He has conditions that makes sexual intercourse medically inadvisable

Speak to your doctor or pharmacist for further details.

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